The story about ` The Beautiful Home on the Golf Course.

 Once upon a time there was a beautiful home on the golf course.
When you enter into her community you'll find her standing proud in the center 
of her beautiful cul-de-sac. 

Each morning the beautiful home would wake-up with the sun shinning 
on the peaceful lakes that surround her. 
Her family would eat breakfast looking at the golf course she sits on.

The family would take long walks on the walking trails and 
end special days on the fishing dock talking about their days and making 
plans for their future. What a perfect way to end their days.

One day her family moved away. 
Her dad was called to serve our country and protect Our Great Nation.
She was so proud of her family but also missed them and wondered 
what would happen to her ? 

Then all of the sudden an extremely talented, smart and caring lady 
came through the door. Her name was Jean Robb. 
She asked the home why was she so sad ? 
The beautiful home told her about her amazing family and how proud she was of them 
but she missed having a family to care for and watch over. 
Jean explained to the home that she not only knew the family well 
but they were also part of her family She also explained that she was a 
Realtor and was going to help the beautiful home 
find another family to watch over. 
The home was excited and asked how Jean could make that happen?

Jean explained that the home would be on the MLS so other Realtors would see her 
and that she would have lovely parties called an Open House 
and give gifts to people that came to visit the home.
Jean said that when the perfect family comes through the door 
the beautiful home and family would fall in love with each other. 
That will be her new family to watch over again.

The beautiful home stood proud again. 
She asked Jean to make sure all the families knew she had 5 huge bedrooms, 4.2 baths, 
game room, media room, stunning kitchen
 and a gas log fireplace right in the heart of the home. 
Jean said she would represent the home well. 
Now the beautiful home on the golf course stands proud 
waiting for her special family.

Who knows.
Maybe your family is the family that the beautiful home on the golf course is waiting for.

To see the beautiful home on the golf course 

call Jean Robb today!


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