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How to make a door coffee table Because they're not just good for opening and closing - by Better Homes and Gardens

Got an aged or weathered timber door past its use-by date? It may seem like rubbish, but look beyond what it was and think of what it could be – it’s the timber equivalent of a blank canvas! With a cut here and a screw there, you can turn it into a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Gather your supplies: • Old solid timber door • Joining batten (2) 880 x 42 x 31mm primed pine • Brace (2) 250 x 42 x 31mm primed pine You’ll also need: Lead test kit; plastic sheet; respirator mask; gloves; water spray bottle; scraper; fine wet and dry sandpaper; old rags; large square; fine handsaw; Dulux Wash&Wear in Black (low sheen acrylic paint); paintbrush; PVA; drill and drill bits; various length wood screws; Cabots Cabothane Clear in Satin (clear polyurethane) Here’s how...
Step 1 Use lead test kit to check for lead paint (see Lead paint safety, left). If safe to proceed, place door on plastic sheet. Wearing respirator mask and gloves, wet surface using water spray bottle then use scraper to remove large pa…

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