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10 Small Bathroom Color Ideas

I'm a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens and love the design ideas and inspiration they provide to home owners. Here's some great ideas for you Bathroom.

For novice home remodelers, room colors can feel like an overwhelming design choice. For seasoned experts, finding the perfect mix of light, bright, and pattern may turn into a frustrating color exercise. In small bathrooms in particular—our places of retreat, of waking up, of winding down—color plays a key role. No matter where you are on your color-picking journey, find inspiration and tips in these 10 small bathroom color ideas. Remember Your TrimPinterest Your trim is also a color in your room, whether it's painted or stained. Don't forget to paint swatches of possible colors next to the trim so that you can see how the undertones in the wood contrast or complement the overall colors. Find Inspiration Look at other rooms—not just bathrooms—to find color combos that appeal to you. Also review fabric, wallpaper, …

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