Visionario @ Large brings the serene, tranquil, relaxed feel to dentistry


When you think of fantastic home design you think of Visionario @ Large and Joey Sarandos. Now you can expand your thinking to office design. Visionario @ Large had the task of making your visit to the dentist a pleasant and relaxing one. I know you're thinking dentist and relaxing really don't belong in the same sentence but Joey Sarandos pulled it off. When you visit Open Wide Dental in Phoenix Arizona you'll feel like you are at the spa from the moment you walk through the door.

Open Wide Dental is a dental practice in Phoenix devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles! A standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve.

Dr. Thomas Durisek and his amazing staff  make you feel welcomed and relaxed 
in their new office.

Here's some reviews from fans of Open Wide Dental

I really do appreciate the friendly professional atmosphere of your office. Additionally, the aesthetics of the office tend to make for a very relaxed visit; and the people in the office are top-notch. All-in-all it is a pleasurable experience to have such a nice office as well as great staff to assist one with their dental care... and the convenience for those of us that live in the central phoenix area is great!
5 stars


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