Summer Service Volunteer Trip to Ghana to help Sister Stan a nun in of the Catholic faith and a volunteer working with the poor in Ghana for over 15 years

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Haydn Collard will be heading off in May to be a Service Volunteer at an orphanage in Ghana for children who are outcasts in their village for being born with a birth defect or perhaps being born a twin. Click it! to hear the exclusive interview and follow the links below to help support Haydn and the cause.–2
Meet Sister Stan!
Sister Stan's Children"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me." Matt. 25:40.
Sister Stan is from the town of Bawku, in Northern Ghana, where she was raised with three brothers and four sisters. At 10 years of age, she began spending as much time as her family would allow with the nuns near her village,and she entered the convent in 1994. She has worked now as a missionary in West Africa for over 16 years. Sister Stan's faithful service has earned her the esteem and blessing of the Yendi Catholic Diocese to reach out in a very powerful way in her home country of Ghana. A diabolical practice that exists locally is to ritually kill children who are born with any physical deformity, disability, or even an anomaly (such as twins). Sister Stan describes her response to this evil: "We give ourselves to God for the service of persons who are poor. We meet the needs of our dehumanized brothers and sisters, the most abandoned, the marginalized, and those cut off from the sunlight of human companionship in our large human family. We are called to the vocation of love."


Sister Stan's Children, Inc: Sister Stan's Children is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity based out of Nashville, Tennessee and charged with the mission of supporting Sister Stan Terese M. Mumuni and the Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love (MASEL) in their efforts to build and operate an orphanage to care for the rejected "spirit children" of Northern Ghana who would otherwise be rejected or ritually killed. In this mission, this organization will participate in awareness building and education, in fund-raising, both individually and through grant-writing, and in tracking progress of the building project and keeping you informed!
History: The Catholic Diocese of Yendi is a very rural diocese in the Northeastern corner of Ghana. Poverty is the lot of the people of Northern Ghana, and the majority of the people are illiterate. There is just one primary school and one health clinic to serve over 5000 people in this diocese. One of the most commonly held traditional beliefs of this area is that a child who is born with any physical deformity or disability, and also twins, are automatically "spirit children", i.e. children who are bad omens for the family and the community at large. These children are traditionally killed. Recently, efforts have been made to talk the parents into releasing these children into the custody of the church, but the orphanage in the nearby city of Tamale, the regional capital of Ghana, is full. Therefore, Sister Stan has seen the need to establish a new orphanage in the village of Sang. MASEL: To fulfill her dream of operating a new orphanage and caring for the "spirit children" of Northern Ghana, a new Religious Congregation called Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love (MASEL) has been established. MASEL's five main goals are: 1) To provide for the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual welfare of the children. 2) To demonstrate to the parents of the Sang community that these children are not "evil spirits" and that the care needed by them is possible within the family setting. 3) To foster relationships between these children and their families who will come to accept them as part of the community. 4) To develop an educational/training scheme for educating the community. 5) To integrate medical professionals into the program as a means of changing the beliefs of the people through elimination of these disabilities.

In addition to creating this new religious order of nuns to daily care for the children, a Ghanaian Board of Directors has been established to directly oversee the orphanage. Members of this Board include, among others, an accountant, architect, lawyer, social worker, pharmacist, IT technician, teacher, and a Reverend Brother.


Service Volunteer Trip to Ghana

Inspired by a fellow student at Fort Lewis College. I have decided to travel to Ghana in May of 2013 to help care for disabled abandon children.
Summer Service Volunteer Trip to Ghana
My name is Haydn Collard currently I am a sophomore at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. A friend at school told me about an orphanage in Ghana for children who are outcasts in their village for being born with a birth defect or perhaps being born a twin. These children are considered witches and subject to ritual killings due to their deformity and differences. The home I will be volunteering for, is ran by Sister Stan a nun in of the Catholic faith and a volunteer working with the poor in Ghana for over 15 years. After hearing about this home that saves children from this potential destruction I decided that I wanted to spend my summer helping to care for them and teaching them and helping out at the orphanage in as many ways as I can. This trip became important to me, because this is an area where my skills can be put to use. I am afforded such a long break over the summer I feel its best for me to share this time with others who can use my help. I have already purchased my airplane ticket, which was $1,500, and am hoping to raise enough funds for my passport/visa $100, vaccinations $100, food/supplies, and ground transportation once I am in Ghana. The orphanage is in a remote area and there is a long drive ahead of me once I arrive in Ghana. The cost of this transportation upon my arrival and departure is about $100 each way. Due to supplies only being provide for the children; I am also responsible for bringing my own or supply of food during my stay. This may come to $200-$400.

If perhaps I don't reach my goal. The trip is still on, I have already purchased my ticket. Any funding that is not used for my trip will be donated to the orphanage and will go directly to their benefit. Thanks for reading and I hope that you will be instrumental in helping me to help them. Thank you for your consideration.

Warm Regards,
Haydn Collard

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