Making a beatiful home for big cats~ Take a swing at helping the big cats at In Sync Exotics~ We REALLY need more golfers for our Golf Tournament coming up on 9/17/2013


Hi Jean Robb Here In Sync Exotics is an  amazing place full of dedicated people giving a great life and second change to big cats. Apollo in the video above is just one of many success stories. Please consider golfing on September 17th 2012 to help In Sync Exotics the opportunity to continue the great work they do each day to make a difference for the cats.
In-Sync Exotics invites you to participate as a player, sponsor, donor, or supporter for its 2nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  The proceeds of this tournament benefits the animals of In-Sync Exotics by providing quality food, veterinary care, and lots of enrichment.
Last year, we were able to raise a little over $7,035 for the animals thanks to the golfers, our kind sponsors and donors!  This year, with your help, we hope to raise over $10,000 for the animals!
Here's Apollo's story.

      Apollo is now healthy and beautiful again!            


 This is a picture of Apollo the day he arrived at In Sync Exotics

The USDA confiscated Apollo, another tiger and a lion from a local entertainment facility and brought them to In-Sync Exotics where they would find a safe, nurturing haven. All three cats were neglected and emaciated. Of the three, Apollo was in the worst condition.

He was roughly 200 lbs underweight and completely bald from the neck down.He also had open sores covering most of his body. Test revealed his poor skin condition was the result of poor nutrition and unsanitary living conditions. When he arrived he was stressed, agitated and so terrified that he scrunched himself up into a corner until he discovered the den, where he holed himself up for three days. He wouldn't eat for two days, and once he started eating, he only did so when no one was around. With lots of love and patience we have slowly gained Apollo's trust.

He has a couple of special friends and loves playing in his tub while it's being clean. Instead of snarling and baring his teeth all of the time, Apollo will now offer his cheek and greet his caregivers with chuffs. He's afraid to leave his cage to go out on the playground, but with some behavior modification we've been able to convince him that short visit in the playground is not so bad. We hope that when Apollo's permanent enclosure is complete he will feel more comfortable about going out to play. Apollo has made remarkable progress since he's been here. He loves dinner time and eats very well. He's now at a healthy weight and has a full body of beautiful fur.
This is Apollo after the love and care Vicky and her dedicated staff provided
 Apollo is just one of the success stories at In Sync Exotics. 
I've worked with many big cat centers. In Sync Exotics is the best in my opinion. 
Please consider golfing or helping in any way you can. 
They need your support! 
Click on this link to register for golf~ 
It all began with a Woman's love and dedication for Exotic Cats!
n the beginning, before there was an In-Sync Exotics, there was Vicky Keahey, a hard-working veterinary technician. She spent her days caring for, comforting and playing with the array of animals who visited the clinic where she worked. Then on one fateful day in 1991, a female cougar was brought into the clinic for treatment. The cougar, named Tahoe, accepted her vet's help graciously. But when it was time for Tahoe to return home, she was kept waiting and waiting until, finally, it became apparent that she had been abandoned. By this time, Vicky had grown attached to the 18-month-old cougar. Since the young cougar now needed a new home, Vicky happily obliged. So with Tahoe, Vicky got her first experience in rescuing and caring for an exotic cat.
Because exotic cats aren't like average house cats, Vicky had a lot to learn about the specific needs of cougars. Vicky turned to her vet and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for help. Over time, Vicky and Tahoe built a bond of love and trust and learned to respect each other. Vicky had also earned the respect of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In 1994, an officer brought Vicky a second cougar in need of help. Vicky accepted the ailing male cougar, whom she named Ranger, and nursed him back to health. Tahoe also accepted the presence of Ranger, and the two soon became inseparable. Vicky was now the happy and well-entertained owner of two beautiful cougars. She learned more with each passing day about their personalities, likes and dislikes, and she spoiled them terribly with her love and attention. She also learned that private ownership of two large cats is an enormous responsibility. The cats required very expensive food, shelter and medical care and tremendous time commitments. Though Vicky was content with her two exotic charges, once again fate intervened.
In June of 1998, Vicky met a 3-week-old female Bengal tiger that was badly maimed and inexcusably neglected, and her heartstrings were tugged to her very soul.

The tiger's breeders were considering their options. They couldn't sell this tiger cub because she was in such bad shape, and they didn't want to care for the cub because she needed too much care. The tiger's life was clearly in danger. Vicky frantically searched for a way to rescue this cub knowing that if she took her in, it would be an even greater responsibility and time commitment than she already faced with the two cougars. Finding another home proved an almost impossible task, though. As the cub's life became more eminently endangered, Vicky decided to rescue the cub herself. She named the little girl Kenya and lovingly nurtured and healed her wounds. Vicky's experiences with Kenya and the bond the two shared led Vicky to the idea of establishing a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for rescued exotic felines and sharing her experiences with others. Believing that one person on a mission can make a difference and help better our world, Vicky researched how to establish a non-profit organization for her feline friends. She completed endless stacks of paperwork and obtained all related licensures. And thus in March of 2000, In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue & Educational Center was born.

Mail: PO Box 968Physical   3430 Skyview Drive 
Phone: (972) 442-6888
  Wylie, Texas 75098   Address:  Wylie, Texas  75098        Fax: (972) 442-4137
Email: Vicky Keahey


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