Realtor's come together to complete a home for Cheetah's ~ Want to help?!

Realtor's Jean Robb with the Michael Group and Lori Turner with Turner Fortune come together to complete a home for two cheetah brother's "Sam and Kodi". Building dreams are part of our job. These guys are amazing !

We hope to complete building them their new permanent 13,000 square foot enclosure complete with climate controlled indoor area and everything outside that a cheetah needs to feel at home.  To learn more about cheetahs please visit our education page. Cheetahs really are a different kind of cat.

In-Sync Exotics was excited that Sam and Kodi was not the usual rescue that we were accustom to. We are honored to have been chosen for Sam and Kodi’s final home. The pair of brothers came from an AZA facility that focuses on the conservation of cheetahs.

These two are not part of the breeding program due to congenial medical problem that causes them to have uneven gait. This malady is not considered advantageous to the cheetah as a species; therefore they will not be used to produce offspring. A multitude of test has been performed by the AZA facilities and they have never been able to find out what has caused their condition. Sam is more outgoing than his brother and seems to be the leader of the two. Sam is also more food aggressive and readily takes the treats we give him. We offer bones to all the cats on Wednesdays and Sundays and Sam will take his, and then run to a private area of the enclosure to enjoy his feast. Kodi does the same but will choose the closest area where he contently works away at his new prize. Kodi loves to come to the fence and talk to his caregivers. Both boys seem to be a little reluctant to have people around but we hope to be able to help them adjust by introducing them to our training program.
If you would like to help complete Sam and Kodi's home the weekend of Septemebr 1st please call Jean Robb @ 817-689-8296. We really need your help! 
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The vision for In-Sync Exotics started in 1998 and was officially established in 2000. As a non-profit organization we are dedicated to the rescue of neglected, abused and unwanted exotic felines.

It is our dream that one day there will be no need for rescue facilities, but until that day happens, we will continue to educate the public on the unique attributes and characteristics of our residents; the realities of irresponsible and/or illegal exotic wild animal ownership and captive breeding; and the need for stronger and enforceable legislation against those who abuse exotic wild animals.

By visiting schools, churches, organizations, etc., through our Community Outreach Program we hope to educate as many people as possible on the work we do, and the amazing animals in our care.

As part of our goal of educating the public, we offer scheduled group tours 7 days a week.


It all began with a Woman's love and dedication for Exotic Cats.

In the beginning, before there was an In-Sync Exotics, there was Vicky Keahey, a hard-working veterinary technician. She spent her days caring for, comforting and playing with the array of animals who visited the clinic where she worked. Then on one fateful day in 1991, a female cougar was brought into the clinic for treatment. The cougar, named Tahoe, accepted her vet's help graciously. But when it was time for Tahoe to return home, she was kept waiting and waiting until, finally, it became apparent that she had been abandoned. By this time, Vicky had grown attached to the 18-month-old cougar. Since the young cougar now needed a new home, Vicky happily obliged. So with Tahoe, Vicky got her first experience in rescuing and caring for an exotic cat.

Because exotic cats aren't like average house cats, Vicky had a lot to learn about the specific needs of cougars. Vicky turned to her vet and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for help. Over time, Vicky and Tahoe built a bond of love and trust and learned to respect each other. Vicky had also earned the respect of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In 1994, an officer brought Vicky a second cougar in need of help. Vicky accepted the ailing male cougar, whom she named Ranger, and nursed him back to health. Tahoe also accepted the presence of Ranger, and the two soon became inseparable. Vicky was now the happy and well-entertained owner of two beautiful cougars. She learned more with each passing day about their personalities, likes and dislikes, and she spoiled them terribly with her love and attention. She also learned that private ownership of two large cats is an enormous responsibility. The cats required very expensive food, shelter and medical care and tremendous time commitments. Though Vicky was content with her two exotic charges, once again fate intervened.
In June of 1998, Vicky met a 3-week-old female Bengal tiger that was badly maimed and inexcusably neglected, and her heartstrings were tugged to her very soul.
The tiger's breeders were considering their options. They couldn't sell this tiger cub because she was in such bad shape, and they didn't want to care for the cub because she needed too much care. The tiger's life was clearly in danger. Vicky frantically searched for a way to rescue this cub knowing that if she took her in, it would be an even greater responsibility and time commitment than she already faced with the two cougars. Finding another home proved an almost impossible task, though. As the cub's life became more eminently endangered, Vicky decided to rescue the cub herself. She named the little girl Kenya and lovingly nurtured and healed her wounds. Vicky's experiences with Kenya and the bond the two shared led Vicky to the idea of establishing a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for rescued exotic felines and sharing her experiences with others. Believing that one person on a mission can make a difference and help better our world, Vicky researched how to establish a non-profit organization for her feline friends. She completed endless stacks of paperwork and obtained all related licensures. And thus in March of 2000, In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue & Educational Center was born.

Vicky and Kenya

With Kenya for inspiration, the organization's name reflects the ideal of providing
harmonious care for all exotic felines.

We are In-Sync to the cats' feelings and needs.


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