Spring Clean Up Ideas ~ 4 Quick Tips for Prepping a Home for Sale


4 Quick Tips for Prepping a Home for Sale

1. Super clean.  
Make the house shine from top to bottom. Don’t forget about cleaning the carpet, draperies and windows, too.

2. Clear the clutter and unload some furniture. 
Remove unnecessary items from countertops, bathtubs, and shower stalls—areas that often attract the most clutter. Keep only the necessities. A decluttered home helps buyers mentally “move in” with their own things. You may need to rearrange or remove some furniture. Pieces that crowd a space can make it look smaller than it really is.

3. Prep your landscaping. 
Check gutters and roof for dry rot and moss, and ensure they are clean. Examine all plants: Prune bushes and trees, make sure no plants are blocking windows, remove any
dead plants, and keep the lawn freshly mowed.

4. Add nice touches. 
Coordinate towels in the bathroom in one or two colors only. Keep accessories restricted to groups of one, three, or five items. Make sure all lights and lamps are on for showings, and set an inviting mood: Have soft background music turned on (such as light FM music).

Top Allergy-Fighting Ideas
No one wants to see a buyer get hit with an allergy attack during showing. It’s not conducive to the sale.
Make your listings more pleasant for everyone who sees them.
Recommend that sellers try these allergy-fighting techniques from the Mayo Clinic:

Air Filtration. Choose an air filter that has a small-particle or HEPA filter. Clean or replace filters in central heating and cooling systems and air conditioning units. 
Keeping the humidity low and temperature around 70 degrees will help fight mold and dust mites.
Flooring. Remove carpeting and use hardwood or linoleum flooring. Wash area rugs and shampoo carpet.

Plants. Spread aquarium gravel over the dirt in potted plants to help contain mold.

Food Waste. Place garbage in a can with an insect-proof lid and empty the trash daily.

Kitchen & Bath. Scrub with bleach to clean mold from the fixtures, tub, and shower. Clean or replace moldy shower curtains and bath mats.


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