I get the job done by thinking "outside the box".

Jean Robb
Realtor The Michael Group and Founder of Remarkable Marketable Me

Im a real estate agent in the Dallas – Fort Worth area who is committed to promoting the importance of volunteering for your community. More information about me and "Remarkable Marketable Me" can be found by visiting http://remarkablemarketableme.blogspot.com

Here's a video featuring one of the great builders and communities I work with.

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“Monday Night in Texas” with Mr. Will, Coach Matt & the “DFW Sports Angel”…Special Guests Ron Valderrama & Jean Robb from “Remarkable, Marketable Me”…Topics: athletes giving back & around the NFL

The Michael Group (Self-employed)

Self-Employed; 501-1000 employees; Real Estate industry
September 2007Present (4 years 5 months)

Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Construction industry
June 2005July 2006 (1 year 2 months)
David Weekley
Jean Robb was a professional, successful, career minded salespeople for "David Weekley Homes" in the Dallas/Forth Worth area as a part of our Build On Your Lot Team.

Job responsibilities included:
# Meeting monthly/quarterly sales goals
# Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction
# Prospecting, marketing & promoting new business
# Follow up with prospects throughout the sales process
# Maintaining a relationship with the Realtor community
# Working & communicating effectively with customers & team-members
# Understanding the loan process



The Michael Group (Self-employed)

“I've know Jean for the last 19 years and she has a heart of gold and takes great care of her clients, goes beyond her duty as a Professional Realtor to make sure her clients are protected and they are getting the best deal out there. I'm am proud to be her friend.” May 20, 2011
Lori Turner, Owner, Turner Fortune Group
worked with Jean at The Michael Group
“Jean has worked with me on two transactions and has provided an exceptional level of service. She worked with my best interests as a primary driver and was always very responsive and diligent. She was able to provide a very high level of service on some complex transactions and her advice has been right on in terms of knowing the market, pricing and local attributes.” May 5, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
John Walters
hired Jean as a Real Estate Agent in 2008, and hired Jean more than once
“Jean has been an amazing fundraiser for the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) a non-profit wildlife sanctuary in Bridgeport Texas. She has always gone above and beyond to provide for all the big cats needs. She is very dynamic and will get the attention of clients.” April 20, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Heidi Berry
hired Jean as a Fundraising in 1997
“Jean Robb has a passion and commitment for helping people and animals like no one I have ever known. She gives selflessly of her time and strives to seek out organizations in which she can truly give back. Her work at CARE is inspirational and her love of the big cats is unrivaled. Seeing her intereact with these majestic creatures is something I will never forget.” March 21, 2011
Marsha Klopping, Director of Cardiology Marketing, Medical Edge
was with another company when working with Jean at The Michael Group
“First-of-all Jean Robb, The Tiger Lady, is a wonderful person to work with. She is very cordial and caring person. As a realtor, she has helped me in buying a new house and also in leasing my old house. She has an excellent listening skills, pays great attention to the details. She goes extra mile to educate and suggest items that will help you to sell the property quickly. She is a very resourceful person and willing to help you on anything she can help you with. Best of all she is very prompt in returning the call. She treats people with common courtesy and respect. Overall, I had a wonderful Realtor experience in my association with her and I am very happy to refer her to my friends and I will go back to her when I purchase another home.” March 15, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
Ramkey Ramakrishnan
hired Jean as a Real Estate Agent in 2010
“My wife and I used Jean Robb to buy our most recent house. I have met very few people with her ability to negotiate in her client's interest. It's easy to find a home but to do what it takes to get the deal done is what separates her from others.” March 10, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Ron Valderrama
hired Jean as a Real Estate Agent in 2009
“Jean has done a great job with LionsGate Homes. She is a highly talanted Realtor who works well with both the customers and the builders.

Larry Craven
LionsGate Homes” March 10, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Larry Craven
hired Jean as a Real Estate Agent in 2009, and hired Jean more than once
“Jean is VERY knowledgeable of the real estate market in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. She will do everything to get you the best deal available. Working with her was the best experience I have ever had with an agent.” March 10, 2011
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Greg Robertson
hired Jean as a Real Estate Agent in 2010

Build On Your Lot sales

David Weekley Homes

“Jean was a true asset to our team in many ways: as a top performer in the area of sales results and customer satisfaction, and as a team leader. Jean consistently led the team in sales results. She also implemented numerous marketing ideas to help generate sales for herself & the rest of our team.” March 12, 2011
Amber C, Sales Manager, David Weekley Homes
managed Jean at David Weekley Homes
“Jean is such a dedicated Professional. You can count own her deligint follow up as well as follow through to the end of a project.” March 11, 2011
Tonya McNair, Lead Sales Consultant, David Weekley Homes Build on Your Lot
worked directly with Jean at David Weekley Homes
“Jean is a very aggressive, conscientious sales consultant. She always strives to exceed expectations of her customers. She is competent, knowledgeable and has excellent follow through. I would recommend Jean without hesitation. She is a pleasure to work with.” March 10, 2011
Mary Baskin, Build On Your Lot Sales Consultant, David Weekley Homes
worked directly with Jean at David Weekley Homes

Knowing how to connect is important!

LinkedIn Connection Philosophies

By: Bill Yates
marketing firm fort worth texas

I’ve spoken to hundreds of people about their LinkedIn strategies and have realized some great tips and hints on taking full advantage of the website. There is a very wide variety of approaches to marketing your company through social media. The reality is that each of us need to find the specific tools and tricks that will benefit us and our businesses the most. The tactic that I’ve found many people are most passionate about is with whom they will connect. Those who subscribe to the LinkedIn Open Network (LION) philosophy typically will take every connection request that is presented to them. At the same time they seem to be more aggressive than most when it comes to pursuing new connections. A large number of LIONs who have sent me connection requests seem to be more interested in selling their own products than considering any ways to help others with their own businesses. But I guess if it works for them then who am I to question them. On the other end of the spectrum are those LinkedIn members who will not connect with anyone unless they know them personally. They may have had a simple conversation with them at a party or may have conducted business with them years ago but they will not accept a connection request unless there is first hand knowledge of their background and their business. I can understand the merits of both philosophies and respect each side of the coin. If someone’s personal approach to accepting connections works for them then I hope that they stick with it. I’ve come up with my own set of rules in accepting connection requests. My best estimate is that I receive around 20 connection requests each week with many of them coming from complete strangers. Unfortunately I only accept about half of these requests because I follow these rules:
1. If I don’t know them I check to see if they have viewed my profile. If they haven’t even given me the courtesy of reviewing my background I hit the ignore button. If they’re a stranger and they’ve taken a look at my profile I move on…
2. I check to see if they’re a LION. I’m not all that interested in connecting with someone in a far-away land in a completely different industry simply so they can collect friends. I learned early on that within days of accepting a request from a LION stranger I will likely receive an email from them telling me how I can lose weight with the latest diet fad or explaining how their “system” can get me out of debt.
3. If they’ve taken a look at my profile, are within an area of the country in which I’m pursuing business, in my industry, have an interesting background or are obviously an acquaintance, I’ll almost always accept.
4. I review the profile of every connection request that is sent to me and do not send out a request without first learning more about the person.
I would equate my strategy to going to a party or a business mixer.Even though they might
be strangers, most in the room are business professionals with whom I have at least one thing in common. I may not know them now but could be introduced later. LinkedIn allows me to get to know these people before officially meeting them. They read my updates and I read theirs. We learn about one another’s personality, interests and business. If and when the time is right one of us may reach out to the other with an opportunity.
As an example. My friend Jean Robb was a complete stranger when I connected with her on LinkedIn a year or two ago. I don’t remember connecting but I assume that I saw that she is a realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and that she is involved with many charities. For months we were simply in the same room occasionally listening in on one another’s conversations. Last August, out of the blue, I got an email from the stranger Jean inviting me to attend a private suite at a baseball game with about 30 of her friends. Many of of those attending are retired professional athletes who are now involved in similar businesses as mine. When I asked her why she would invite me she explained that she’d read some of my posts on LinkedIn and thought I would fit in well. While attending the event I met some amazing people and I sent follow-up cards to all of them. With two of these people I met at Jean’s event, I maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship. This wouldn’t have happened had I not connected with stranger Jean. BTW – She and I continue contact so if I get the chance to return the favor I hope to do so.
Check out Jean’s blog by clicking here
And her LinkedIn profile is here.
Another client of mine is a connection on the west coast of the United States. I remember seeing that he viewed my profile a couple of times before sending me the request. I checked his profile and learned that he is an investment banker who did not really share a similar background with me. But, since he viewed my profile more than once I thought he might have seen something interesting. A few days after our connection he phoned me and I learned that he purchased a professional hockey team in his home town. Because he had no experience in sports, he needed a consultant to help with the transition. We spoke several times before he ultimately offered me the opportunity to contribute to his efforts. I’ve found it very beneficial and hopefully he has too. It wouldn’t have happened if I had ignored his connection request. I have found that in order to get the best results through your marketing efforts you have to come up with a strong strategy, set up some rules for yourself and stick to the agenda. Not all marketing outlets and not all philosophies will show each of us the same results. The best thing to do is experiment a
bit, constantly analyze, note the results and if it produces results then add it to your bag of tricks.

Bill Yates is a former pro sports executive who is now the Principal Partner at Splash Management an event management and marketing firm in Fort Worth, Texas. Yatesie’s blog includes his view on a variety of topics.
Connect with Yatesie on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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