Casas por Cristo (Homes because of Christ) creates important partnerships among various groups across international borders. To date, we have provided nearly 4,000 families with homes.
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About Us
Who We Are
Casas por Cristo
Driven by a desire to provide tangible expressions of God's love and provision, we began building homes along the U.S. / México border in 1993, first in Ciudad Juárez.  We have since expanded to Ciudad Acuña, México and San Raimundo, Guatemala. Casas por Cristo (Homes because of Christ) creates important partnerships among various groups across international borders. To date, we have provided nearly 4,000 families with homes. But at Casas por Cristo, we go beyond building. We are dedicated to growing Christ's church one home at a time by helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors.
Our Staff
With the exception of our Mexican staff, Casas por Cristo is comprised of support-based missionaries. Each staff person is solely responsible for raising the vast majority of their own salary. Most support comes in the form of donations from friends, families, churches, and Casas team members. There is much planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes before a house is built and a family served. In addition to leading teams of volunteers through the building process, staff members are responsible for stateside duties that allow the ministry to function as well.
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Our Mexican Pastors' Board
The Casas por Cristo Pastors' Boards are comprised of nearly 150 pastors who live and work in México and Guatemala. This body is vital to this ministry and our lasting impact in the communities we serve. This board of dedicated pastors holds a monthly meeting that includes a time of praise and worship, teaching, and a Casas business meeting. During the meeting, each pastor has the opportunity to present two applications for homes. The Board then votes to approve or deny applications. Each member is personally responsible for visiting with the recipient family before and after they receive a home from Casas. This process is an opportunity to spread the gospel and widen participation in the Christian community.

Our Board of Trustees
Our Board is comprised of individuals from all over the country and Canada.
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Mission Trips
Group Projects

A Casas por Cristo mission trip is an opportunity to involve people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. No prior building experience is necessary to work on a team - just a desire to serve the Lord and the people of México. We have projects available for groups and individuals of all ages, from a multi-generational family group to a high school youth group to a group of corporate employees.

Casas por Cristo offers the same mission trip experience in two completely different locations. While the cities of Acuña and Juárez are drastically different, our ministry has a heart for the culture and people of México. In many cases, teams choose a location based on ease of travel.

    * Juárez, México is a city of nearly two million people, located directly across the border from El Paso, Texas. It is a large city with widespread poverty.
    * Acuña, México is a small city of about 130,000 directly across the border from Del Rio, Texas (about
      150 miles southwest of San Antonio). It's a small and sleepy border town with pockets of poverty, but is one of the fastest growing cities in all of México.
    * San Raimundo, Guatemala a population of about 14 million and about 77% of them live in poverty.

Based on your preferences and the size of your group, we will work with you to create a trip project that meets the needs of your team. Typical team sizes for our various projects break down into the following group numbers:
Acuña and Júarez, Mexico

    * A group of 12-18 people typically build a "single" - an 11' by 22' home with two rooms for a family of up to five.
    * A group of 18-25 people typically builds a "double" - roughly a 15' by 30' home with three rooms for families of five or more.
    * We also have the ability to accommodate and house large groups interested in multiple building projects.

San Raimundo, Guatemala

    * A group of 12-18 people will build a single.

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Please contact us at 1.800.819.8014 or for any questions you have regarding your specific trip or for more information on organizing a team.


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From the Executive Director

I am excited that you clicked on this page! Yes, it is true. We are opening up operations in Guatemala the Summer of 2011. We have worked very hard to make this trip as user friendly and as attractive to teams as possible. This really is the next step in mission trips for Casas por Cristo. This is definitely a more exotic trip than our trips to the México/Texas border. CpC has always been known for our “turn-key” mission trips, and nothing has changed. We still have our price per team project cost, but we’ve gone a little further. We have negotiated special prices for all of our teams in regards to your lodging, meals and transportation. Everything that you will need “In-Country” is taken care of. All you have to do is get to the Guatemala City airport.

Please don’t be confused. We are not stopping our México mission trips. We are adding to them. Over the years we have learned that our model is a very effective evangelistic tool for our local pastors. We take very seriously Christ’s command to take His saving message of Love, Hope and Grace to the entire world. We are simply doing our part. Our pastors in Ciudad Juárez and Ciudad Acuña are excited that pastors in another country will now have the same evangelistic tool (a free house) that they do. I got to sit in on our first pastor’s meeting in Guatemala and was overjoyed to see the same excitement in their eyes. Our Guatemala pastor’s are ready for your groups to come down and help them as they share the love of Jesus Christ with their fellow Guatemalans.

The following pages and links should provide you with all the information necessary to make your first Casas trip to Guatemala a reality. And as always, if you need more information, please give us a call at 1-800-819-8014. Again, I am so excited that you clicked on this page!

Guatemala Bound,
David Robertson

Thank you for helping spread the word and tell our story!!


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